Hau Pei-tsun: Taiwan’s future to be decided by all Chinese (Update)
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-09-03 03:41 PM
September 3 is Armed Forces Day in Taiwan, and Wednesday morning the New Sons and Daughters of the ROC held a War Victory Memorial Symposium on the occasion, inviting former Premier Hau Pei-tsun and New Party Chairman Yok Mu-ming to attend. Hau took the microphone and assailed the DPP’s party platform for its statement that "Taiwan's future will be decided by Taiwan's 23 million people." Hau stressed that Taiwan's future is not for the Taiwanese alone to decide, saying that "Taiwan and the Republic of China's future will be jointly decided by all the people of China and the Republic of China."

Speaking on the seminar topic of the Eight-year War of resistance against Japan, Hau said both the KMT and the ROC government had contributed greatly to the cause. If they had not protected Taiwan and implemented the Three Principles of the People during that eight-year period, he asked, would the people of Taiwan be so happy today?

Hau pointed out that following the conclusion of the Sino-Japanese War the Qing government ceded Taiwan to Japan. Taiwan was returned to China after the Eight-year War, he said, showing that the fate of Taiwan has never been in Taiwanese hands. Hau said that in politics, "You have to look at actual strengths, " saying that if you don’t have power, then logic and reason are of no use.

Hau said that for this reason he believes that the future of Taiwan, and the future of the Republic of China, will be determined by a joint decision of all Chinese people. He said the ROC legal system and the 1992 consensus must be respected, saying that this is the only way Taiwan can survive. Choosing independence, he warned, "is absolutely the road to destruction!"

Former Premier Frank Hsieh jumped all over the comments made by Hau, saying that the retired general and former premier’s remarks were "completely contrary to the priorities and aims of Taiwan."

Another former DPP premier, Yu Shyi-kun, said that Hau’s standpoint was the complete opposite of that of the Taiwan people. He said that if one’s core values do not include the word democracy, there is nothing left but nationalism. He chided Hau saying, "If you don’t love Taiwan you don’t have to live here."

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