Asia bio-startup creates a new dimension of cosmetics
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-09-03 09:26 PM

Most toothaches are caused by dental problems, and some minor toothaches can actually bring about more serious problems. To raise awareness of oral care in a world with a high prevalence rate of dental caries, a Taiwan-based young biotechnology company created an innovative oral care product which can help people complete the daily cleaning process effectively and easily.

Most surveys show that people brush their teeth twice a day and some people even include regular flossing or mouth-rinsing in their daily dental care ritual due to increasing awareness of oral care either for beauty or health reasons. Teeth-related diseases and tooth implant surgeries, however, have not shown signs of a slowdown. Dr. Danny Ji, co-founder and CSO of Toothfilm Inc., explained that the key problem with dental cleaning activities we have today, such as tooth-brushing, tooth paste, rinse water or anything else, is that there is not enough time for the applied agents to reduce more than 700 types of identified bacteria activities. As such, an innovative cleaning formula that can stay on teeth longer without leaving damage would be safe and helpful in carrying out cleaning processes on teeth and tissues over time.

Zur Ma, co-founder and CTO of the firm added that “instead of using acute and really radically active agents, the Toothfilm team prefers developing a healthy and safe formula that works. Although it may take more time, it is proven to be really safe, effective, and also edible.”

“Furthermore, to reduce sensitivity of the teeth, it does take time for the calcium-rich formula to be developed on dentin through recrystalization over time. As we do not use medicine or organic chemicals, our biologically formulated agents need more time to affect the viability of bacteria and enhance the healthy condition of gums,” said Ma.

The Toothfilm team has commercialized the world’s first ever “Toothfilm,” a US patented mask designed for overall tooth care. Peter Chou, founder and CEO of Toothfilm Inc., explained the method of application: “when you take it out from the sterilized packaging, you fold it from 2D into a 3D denture form and paste it onto your teeth and gums. Your saliva starts to help the formula release into the inter-dental and gum area. After a 20 to 30-minute application, you take it off leaving yourself with a healthy dental and oral condition.”

Along with Toothfilm, the team also developed a product T-Spray which is applicable to teeth in liquid form to kill bacteria, eradicate odor, and relieve sensitivity. Its easy-to-use spray bottle design allows consumers to use it anywhere and anytime. Both Toothfilm and T-Spray can serve cosmetics purpose for teeth and soft tissues surrounding the crown of a tooth.

“While Toothfilm has made its way into some key channels both online and retail in its home market Taiwan, the team is aggressively seeking quality distribution partners overseas to introduce such innovative products to different markets such as America, EU, China, SEA, and Africa and Middle East regions,” said Douglas Huang, Senior Sales VP of Toothfilm.

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