Taiwan students invent wind-powered bicycle headlights
Central News Agency
2008-10-14 07:15 PM
A group of students from Kaohsiung National First University of Science and Technology in southern Taiwan won an award Tuesday for creative application at the 2008 National Wind Power Invention Contest with their entry of a wind-powered bicycle headlight.

Given the spiraling price of gasoline this year, which has fueled inflation, cutting energy costs has been a major concern for many consumers. Harnessing wind power is considered one of the possible solutions.

The wind-powered bicycle headlight utilizes head-on wind, while the bike is in motion, to generate electricity as a source of energy for the headlight. The electricity is saved in rechargeable batteries and may be used to power a small fan when the cyclist stops at traffic lights.

This particular invention has drawn several enquiries from businessmen who are interested in purchasing the patent from the students. The commercial application of the invention is perceived to have great market potential.

The National Wind Power Invention Contest was held at Southern Taiwan University in Tainan County's Yongkang City in early October. The purpose of the contest is to encourage the use of wind power as an alternative source of energy.

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