Taiwan DPP Chair leads the "anti-China" rally to besiege the city and Grand Hotel
The Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) government has mobilized all its resources to suppress public opinion with little regard for the feelings of Taiwanese people while doing everything it can to please China, said the DPP.
Taiwan News, Website Editorial Staff
2008-11-06 05:06 PM
TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - The "yellow ribbon siege" organized by the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) began two hours ahead of the planned schedule due to President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) moved his meeting with China's Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait (ARATS) Chairman Chen Yunlin (陳雲林) at the Taipei Guest House five hours ahead to 11am so that he could avoid encountering the mass DPP rally in the afternoon to "besiege" Chen during the Ma-Chen meeting. The Ma-Chen meeting this morning only lasted no more than seven minutes. As Ma and Chen exchange gifts, Chen only addressed Ma by the noun "you" rather than "president."

DPP Chairwoman Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) led the "yellow ribbon" rally to march from the Legislative Yuan to the Taipei Guest House on ZhongShan South Road and the rally returned the the original spot through LinSen South Road, RenAi Road, Xinyi Road, and Hangzhou South Road in Taipei. The goal of the demonstration is to besiege the government district in Taipei.

A sea of protesters with yellow ribbons are now on the streets, and police officers are using video cameras to help track down any possible offenders. According to the Taipei police department, "heavy-handed" police force of 3,000 has been dispatched and the controlled area is seven to eight times larger than the actual protest area.

Razor wires have been spreaded out in place to deter pro-Taiwan independence protesters from getting close to Chen and crossing the line for violence. Some people slammed the government for overreacting. In the strange political atmosphere, some people could not help but to question: Has the martial law era, which was lifted in 1987, come back to Taiwan again?

Traffic was slow moving through the surrounding controlled area. The Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) government has mobilized all its resources to suppress public opinion with little regard for the feelings of Taiwanese people while doing everything it can to please China, said the DPP. As a result, The DPP must stand out as Taiwan's major opposition party and make its position clear.

Unfortunately, heavy-handed police action, a demarche ordered by National Police Agency (NPA) Director-General Wang Cho-chiun (王卓鈞), has been taken to prevent riots, but bloodshed of police officers, lawmakers, reporters, and protesters has marred the "yellow ribbon siege" demonstration, which aimed at safeguarding Taiwan's sovereignty.

The protest quickly snowballed. By the afternoon, thousands of people had joined the demonstration rally. Riot police with riot shields surrounded the protesters and block the huge crowds from crossing over the security lines.

The DPP's "100,000 people Besiege the City" demonstration has been staged to express the public dissatisfaction with the government's suppressing people's human rights and personal freedom. Tsai said that the demonstration has marked a preliminary victory because the Ma-Chen meeting could not last for long but ended in just few minutes. She slammed the government for evading public opinions and criticized Ma for chickening out by moving the Ma-Chen meeting ahead of the designated schedule.

Tsai said that she would take full responsibility for the rally, but Ma should also take an even greater responsibility for the demonstration. After a speech around five, Tsai said that the rally has ended, but the protesters' emotions still run high. According to the latest report, Tsai called for the public to march according to the designated routes. But, protesters failed to listen to Tsai's advice. Instead, the protesters changed their direction by marching toward the Grand Hotel, where Chen is staying during his five-day historic visit. As a result, heavy-handed police has ramped up in areas surrounding the Grand Hotel to prevent further bloodshed and destruction.

Chen has now returned back to the hotel seeing the Taiwanese hot film "Cape No. 7" (海角七號) after a brief visit to the Tzu Chi Guandu Complex (關渡慈濟志業園區), founded by Master Cheng Yen (證嚴法師) of Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation, in Taipei's Beitou District.

Chen has canceled his press conference scheduled to be held at 6pm without giving a clear reason. Chen will leave Taiwan via a China Airline flight CI7951 at 10am tomorrow.

by Taiwan News, Website Editorial Staff

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